_____Engage.Motivate.Inspire.Touch * 攝受。振奮。啓發。感動_____

Bodhi means Wisdom and Citta means Mind or Heart, it can be translated as Enlightening Attitude, the attitude to strive for Enlightenment for one and all.

Bodhicitta is a Dharma inspired, independent Buddhist Hymns and music group established since 1997 to engage, motivate, inspire and touch.

"If one causes another to make music, to beat drums and blow the conch, to play the flute, qin, harp, pipa, cymbals, using all these wondrous sounds as offerings, or to sing a single note in praise of the Buddha's virtues and merits with a joyful mind, one is already on the path to Buddhahood."-The Lotus Sutra (Chapter of Skillful Means)



若使人作乐,击鼓吹角贝,箫笛琴箜篌,琵琶铙铜钹,如是众妙音,尽持以供奉,乃至一小音,皆共成佛道。 ”《法华经 • 方便品》

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