Buddhist Hymns Workshop & Sharing @ TLKY, Hong Kong 分享与工作坊@香港东莲觉苑

21-24/03/09 (Sat to Tue) 2009年3月21日至24日(星期六至二)
With the kind invitation from TLKY,Wang Fat Ching She(Hong Kong) and sponsorship by The Robert HN Ho Family Foundation, Bodhicitta were blessed with the opportunity to conduct 6 sessions of workshops and Buddhist Hymns sharing in Hong Kong for a period of 4 days. We are delighted to reach out to about 1000 Hong Kong Buddhists, general public and youths. May the seeds of Dharma grow and blossom in the hearts of all. 感恩东莲觉苑,弘法精舍的邀请以及何鸿毅家族基金的赞助;让菩提吉他有机会在香港举行六场的佛曲分享与工作坊。在这美好的四天里,我们与千名香港佛教徒,大众与青年朋友结了良善的音缘。愿佛法的种子能在大家的心田萌芽并茁壮的成长。

True Love Buddhist Hymns workshop
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