Dharma Resonance法螺

A Buddhist Artist Network & Performance platform
佛教音乐人分享平台与联络网@ The Heart Of the City

(Year 2004-2006年)

Dharma Resonance was initiated with the objective to:
1)To vitalise the local Buddhist music scene
2)To estabilshed a Buddhist performance platform.
3)To encourage sharing and networking among artist.
4)To Engage, Motivate, Inspire and Touch people to Dharma with expressional Arts

There are a total 16 perfoming individuals and groups from all walks of life that come forward to share and support this intiative. They are Kang Kee and Friends(M'sia Producer), Singapore Polytechnic Buddhist Society, Fan Ren Drama Troupe (NP Drama group)Sunny*Rain (NTU Alumni), Bro Daniel and D-Kidz, Cathrine(Fo Guang Shan,S'pore), Omniarts Trouper(Golden Pagoda Youth cultural arm), Voicegraffitti, Bro Alex(Wat Ananda), Shian(TDE editor), Music Cafe singers, Bodhicitta,Yen Chua(Art Therapist),YuWen(Professional Dancer) and more...

We also want to thank the wonderful audience who had packed the music cafes with their love, smile and cheers! May all be well and happy always!


康淇与朋友(马来西亚制作人),新加坡理工学院佛学会,凡人剧团(义安理工学院),阳光*雨(南大佛学校友会),杨成宝与D-Kidz(儿童佛曲小组), Cathrine(新加坡佛光山),Omniarts Trouper(新加坡护国金塔寺),Voice graffiti(佛教摇滚乐团),Bro Alex(阿难陀泰国佛寺),时安(TDE电子报主编),民歌餐厅歌手,Yen Chua(艺术治疗师),聿雯(专业舞者)及菩提吉他等.我们也感恩所有挤满音乐餐厅的观众,感恩你的慈爱,笑声与欢呼!愿大家永远幸福安康!

Video 影音分享:
Real World-Voice Graffiti
Let's Sing The Praise-阳光*雨(Sunny*Rain)
Oneness Of Life- Bodhicitta
Song Of Refuge-"Embrace"workshop