Let's Sing Together佛曲大家唱!

To meet the growing needs of more Dharma materials to engage the youth,Phor Kark See Sat/Sun School and Bodhicitta productions have collaborated to bring you Let’s Sing Together. It comes with five beautiful buddhist hymns and a step-by-step guidebook on how Buddhist Hymns can contribute to the learning and sharing of Dhamma in a group setting. Its aim is to keep Dharma learning engaging, fun and interactive.为了应对积增的佛教创意教材的需要,光明山周日学校与菩提吉他联合制作了“佛曲大家唱”的系列教材。教材包含了五首原创佛曲光碟与创意教学活动课本,目的在于让教导与学习佛法更生动有趣。